• Your new piercing may secrete a small amount of clear fluid called lymph - this is normal and healthy. Clean this off with a cotton bud and warm salt water. Always use a clean towel to pat dry.

  • Cleaning your piercing more than two times a day may weaken your body's own natural defences. The use of anti-bacterial ointments is generally discouraged as they may block oxygen from the piercing as well as providing a place for stronger contaminants to breed. So stick with salt water it's cheap and works great,no need for lotions and potions!

  • Make sure your bed sheets and nightwear are clean.

  • Never touch your piercing with dirty hands.

  • Be gentle with your new piercing.

  • The importance of good nutrition must not be overlooked - a well balanced diet, stress reduction, adequate sleep and quality multi-vitamin supplements are highly recommended during the healing period.

  • •If you are concerned in any way contact us immediately.

Caring for a new piercing

Caring for an ear piercing

Caring for an oral piercing

  • Follow the general piercing instructions above.

  • Avoid using public telephones.

  • Disinfect the telephones in your home and office.

  • •Use gentle haircare products and avoid harsh shampoos.

  • If you are concerned in any way contact us immediately.

  • Oral piercings can become problematic without proper and regular aftercare.

  • Oral piercings benefit from the presence of friendly bacteria which live in the mouth and protect it from external infection.

  • Regular rinsing with a saline solution (salt water) will help reduce the risks of infection.

  • Do not over-use mouthwash as it can kill the natural bacteria and may make your tongue turn white on the surface.

  • Do not aggravate the piercing by removing the jewellery too often.

  • Avoid chewing tough food as it may aggravate an oral piercing.

  • Be careful not to bite the jewellery.

  • Be careful not to rub the jewellery against your gum.

  • Once the initial swelling has reduced you may need to tighten the jewellery if it has become loose – if this happens you may accidentally swallow the jewellery.

  • If you have a tongue bar, practice tightening the balls at both ends.

  • If you accidentally inhale the jewellery, seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

  • If you are concerned in any way contact us immediately.

Caring for a tattoo

  • Once your tattoo has been completed it is cleaned and dressed with clingflim.You should leave this on for a minimum of two hours, once removed wash the tattoo in warm soapy water and then pat dry.

  • You should then apply a thin film of Bepanthen at least twice a day, repeat this process until your tattoo has completely healed (usually seven to 10 days).

  • You MUST AVOID sunbeds and swimming.

  • Do not pick or scratch your tattoo.

  • If you are concerned in any way contact us immediately.